A long-running program on WGTS 91.9 is now available to listen whenever and wherever. Hosted by Dr. Cy Hardy, a retired psychiatrist in the Washington, DC area, who shares Biblical principles through thoughtful insight.

“Without the spiritual component of a human being, it is impossible for someone to be obedient to God.”

“The commandments of God have never changed and never will. What has changed is the ability for humans to fulfill the Ten Commandments.”

“Our bodies are very finite because they can’t fulfill the law of God. No one of us will take our bodies to heaven with us. Physically we are breaking God’s laws constantly because of the world we are born. The soul, however, can be retrieved and retained for eternity.”

“You should not be preoccupied with the way others obey God, but preoccupied on how you serve your master, for that is a blessing in itself.”

“The more that is discovered in the world of science is the more we realize how little we know.”

“I think every human being should question what they believe. They should give themselves the freedom to compare their beliefs with others.”

“I like to think my beliefs work despite the circumstances; the circumstances in my life or in anyone else’s life.”

“Even with the small intellect I have, I have great appreciation for the words and responses of Jesus that show me that the God of the universe is a personal God. That satisfies all my need.”